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MStar Quest Guide! Empty MStar Quest Guide!

Post by pamp3r on Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:56 am

In Mstar , they also have quests too same as Audition , and they'are easy if you can read Thai. In this topic i'm gonna tell you how to do all that quests from lv 1-30 (20 quests) Btw, In every quest when u finished it ,you have to get back to NPC that you took the quest from to send quest back

Here is first set you can take it at [Officer]Yui in Mushroom Lounge

MStar Quest Guide! Screenshots_2011-10-2615-58-35-738

1.เรียนรู้ทักษะพื้นฐาน (learn first technique)
Reward: Alias / Item / Mpoint: 1000 / Exp: 100
Talk with Yui and then go play one song
MStar Quest Guide! Q1-th

2.สปอนเซอร์ครั้งแรก (First Sponsor)
Reward: Unlock clothes from Beige / Mpoint: 650 / Exp: 30
MStar Quest Guide! Q2-th
Talk with Andrea and then answer his question after this 1 1 2 2 1
MStar Quest Guide! Screenshots_2011-11-0712-20-14-218

3.ทดสอบความสามารถ (Prove capability)
Reward: Alias / Item (For Random Item ,best is 20k) / Mpoint: 770 / Exp: 60
Play bubble and classic mode with another player 1 round for each mode
MStar Quest Guide! 32untitled-1

4.ดูตารางงานวันนี้ (check the schedule today)
Reward: Item / Mpoint: 930 / Exp: 80
Finish 1 daily quest
MStar Quest Guide! Q4-th

5.ให้เรารักกันได้ไหม (Can we love?)
Reward: Item Action Upgrade including Mutual Action and Basic Action / Mpoint: 870 / Exp: 40
Use emotion with opposite sex 3 person
MStar Quest Guide! Q5-th
Hint: left click to use emotion
MStar Quest Guide! 14untitled-2

6. ก้าวแรกสู่ดวงดาว (First step to the star)
Reward: Alias / Unlock Club Hive Lounge / Mpoint: 1500 / Exp 150
Collect 1000 M-point and then go back to talk with Yui at Mushroom Lounge
MStar Quest Guide! Q6-th

From quest 7+ You have to go take quests at NPC: Michelle in Club Hive Lounge instead of Yui

7. จะได้ห้องแล้วเหรอ (Am i gonna get new room?)
Require: Level 8
Reward: Unlock new apartment/ Mpoint: 1250 / Exp: 180
Play bubble mode 3 times
MStar Quest Guide! Q7-th
First house
MStar Quest Guide! Screenshots_2011-11-0720-12-38-089

8. สไตล์นี้แนวสุดจี๊ด(This style so AWESOME!)
Require: Level 10
Reward: Unlock clothes from Morocco / Mpoint: 1370 / Exp: 120
MStar Quest Guide! Q8-th
Talk with Momoji for ask her to be your sponsor , and then answer the question after this 2 1 1 1 3 3 1
MStar Quest Guide! Screenshots_2011-11-0716-02-40-010

9. ทดลองครั้งใหม่ (New test)
Require: Level 10 (ต่อเนื่อง)
Reward: Item / Mpoint: 1560 / Exp: 20
Play bubble mode meeting 1 song
MStar Quest Guide! Q9-th

10. ได้เวลาย้ายของ (Time to move)
Require: Level 12
Reward: Upgrade apartment / Mpoint: 3000 / Exp: 250
Collect 3000 M-point and send it back to Michelle
MStar Quest Guide! Q10-th

Second level house
MStar Quest Guide! Screenshots_2011-10-1523-45-30-399

11. เห้อ ขนของเสร็จซะที (Finish moving)
Reward: Item Entity Item Box (Furniture) and wallpaper / Mpoint: 1000 / Exp: 270
Go visit your own house
MStar Quest Guide! Q11-th

Require: Level 15
Reward: Alias <...> / Item ... / Mpoint: 1150 / Exp: 300
Play dance classic mode and get accuracy (percent) more than 80 %
MStar Quest Guide! L3o12

Require: Level 16
Reward: Item ... / Mpoint: 1240 / Exp: 430
Play bubble mode 1 song (Must win)
MStar Quest Guide! 9xm13

Require: Level 18
Reward: Item ... / Mpoint: 1370 / Exp: 500
Collect 5000 M-point and give it to Michelle
MStar Quest Guide! Sdy14

Require: Level 21
Reward: Item .... / Mpoint: 1500 / Exp: 650
Play dance classic and bubble mode 2 song for each mode (Must win)
MStar Quest Guide! Ozq15

Require: Level 23
Reward: Alias <...> / Unlock Purple Rain Lounge / Mpoint: 2270 / Exp: 800
Play and get double win (if lose have to play again)
MStar Quest Guide! 67r16

Require: Level 26
Reward: Unlock clothes from St.Royal / Mpoint: 3100 / Exp: 600
MStar Quest Guide! Plg17
Go to Purple Rain Lounge and talk with NPC merchant and answer his questions with the first answer until he's done and then go back to Michelle
MStar Quest Guide! Screenshots_2011-07-0722-46-03-218

Require: Level 26
Reward: Item yellow bunny set 7 days / Mpoint: 4250 / Exp: 900
Play dance jackpot mode and get 5 jackpots
MStar Quest Guide! H6n18
Yellow bunny set
MStar Quest Guide! Screenshots_2011-10-2713-27-00-369

Require: Level 28 / clothes from St.Royal 2 pieces (If don't have u must buy them by yourself)
Reward: Item mask(don't remember its name) 7 day / Mpoint: 3300 / Exp: 800
Wear clothes from St.Royal and play one song
Hint : you can buy clothes from St.Royal at prlounge it's easier than find them in the shop
MStar Quest Guide! 6t419

20. [Final Quest]
Require: Level 30
Reward: Unlock the highest level house / Mpoint: 10000 / Exp: 1350
Collect 10000 M-point and go talk with Michelle
MStar Quest Guide! Screenshots201107111751

~ E N D Main Quest! ~
Credit by MagnamonKunGz

Translated by Pamp3r

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MStar Quest Guide! Empty Re: MStar Quest Guide!

Post by Fay on Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:17 am

awesome Pam ... nice work Very Happy

I'm a bobble head ...

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MStar Quest Guide! Empty Re: MStar Quest Guide!

Post by pamp3r on Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:41 am

Thx Fey ^^

MStar Quest Guide! 111110

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MStar Quest Guide! Empty Re: MStar Quest Guide!

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