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Post by TheDon on Thu Jan 12, 2012 3:39 pm


Alt + F1 …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F2 …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F3 …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F4 …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F5 …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F6 …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F7 …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F8 …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F9 …. (u can type anything)
Alt + F10…. (u can type anything)

How to set macro:
go to the System Option (down right corner) and select Macro Tab

Thanks To Contribution of EunHon and Ema Ramayangfi:
-----Chatting Shortcuts-----
Game channel chatting : /CH
Crew chatting : /C or /G
Team chatting : /T
Private channel chatting : /[ChannelName]
Join Private channel : /JOIN [ChannelName]
Exit Private channel : /EXIT [ChannelName]
Invite to Private channel : /INV [Nickname]
Kick from Private channel : /KICK [Nickname]
Whisper : /W [Nickname]
Reply from a whisper : /R
Whisper in Meeting Mode : /1 (Opposite sex no.1)
Whisper in Meeting Mode : /2 (Opposite sex no.2)
Whisper in Meeting Mode : /3 (Opposite sex no.3)

-----Chatting Shortcuts-----
Game channel chatting :Type text and press Shift + Enter
Crew chatting :Type text and press Alt + Enter
Team chatting :Type text and press Ctrl+Enter
Up and down keys to view chat history

-----Function Keys-----
F1 :Open/Close Help Window
F2 :Reply to the last whisper you've recieved
F3 :Open/Close Shopping Mall
F4 :Open/close My Items
F5 :Ready/Unready Game
F6 :Fix/Unfix waiting room camera
F7 :Mute/Unmute BGM
F8 :To change BGM to the next song
F9 :Open/Close Waiting Room List
F10 :Open/Close Lobbylist
F11 :Open/Close Messenger
F12 :Open/Close Mailbox

-----Other Keys-----
Print Screen : PrtScn
To record video : Alt + PrtScn
To hide all UI : Alt + Z
- You use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste messages
- You can resize the chat window by clicking and dragging the upper corner of the chat box
- You can customize the graphics in the display pannel in the options menu
- If you press ESC durring a game it will make the chat window disapear

Keys Function/Shortcut Trcani10

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